Corinna Ren is a Seattle-born/Spokane-based freelance designer/illustrator with a passion for the woods & sea.

While she is a multi-media artist and enjoys using anything from ink pens to acrylic paints, much of her work is currently done digitally on her iPad Pro.

Her more recent work focuses on surface design and can be found for sale in her Spoonflower shop on fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper.

Corinna is also the head designer at a Pacific Northwest clothing brand company called The PNW Dream where you can find some of her designs on handmade goods. Follow the following image link to check it out…


Her greatest inspiration is her home, Washington State, part of the PNW and full of forests, beach-scapes and waterfalls. As her work has developed, it becomes a representation of that inspiration more and more.

Copyright © 2019 RogueRenPNW. All rights reserved.

All work is copyrighted. You are welcome to use fabric printed from Spoonflower for other goods. However, images and designs cannot be redistributed or copied without permission, you cannot take credit or omit credit if sharing RogueRenPNW’s work.

Please contact RogueRenPNW for licensing. Thank you.


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